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How widely is English language used

At 1,121 million speakers (native+non-native) English is the most widely-spoken language in the world. Here is a comparison of number of speakers of most-spoken languages: 
In countries where English is not the first language for most people but where work is regularly transacted in English, English can have an outsized influence.

In India, which fits the bill for such country, English is light years behind Hindi as the first language of people. However, it is second only to Hindi when it comes to second language speakers, and it leads among third language speakers. Overall (combining the first, second, and third language speakers), it is the second most spoken language in the country.


Number of native and non-native English speakers

There are 378 million native speakers (those who speak English as their first language) and 743 million non-native speakers (those who speak English as their second language) in the world.
Source: Ethnologue, 21st edition



How many countries speak English

Why is the English language so popular now? Well, it has earned its popularity for a number of reasons. English is the dominant or official language in a number of countries, including many former British Empire territories. The rise of the British Empire offers many clues as to why the English language is so popular! Not only does the British Empire play an important role in the popularity of English today, but the rise of the United States, and developments within the science and technology industries have also helped to position English as a global language!
English is spoken in 118 countries. Here is a comparison with few other prominent languages in the decreasing order of number of countries where they’re spoken. English is the dominant language on internet. Nearly 54 percent of content on the internet is in English. Russian, at 6 percent, is a distant second.
Source: Ethnologue, 21st edition


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