Study Abroad


General Information:

Our advice and assistance include:

  • Schools location, routes to school and transportation
  • List of the necessary documentation to bring from home country
  • Arrangement for community orientation, knowledge and other assistance

Accommodation includes either:

  • Securing a temporary mailing address
  • Temporary housing
  • Permanent housing


We will prepare you to succeed in a world where jobs, professions and industries are constantly being redefined.  You need to be adaptable, resilient and ready to make a difference. That’s why every aspect of your student experience in Canada helps you to build your future career. Be a graduate with the skills, knowledge and experience that sets you apart from the rest.
Hands-on education comes in so many forms, making it one of the greatest ways to customise your skill and leave your own meaningful mark on the world around you.  Experiential learning also equips you with a golden resumé even before you graduate and launch your career.



Quality education in Canada:

  • Get the education and experience you need to succeed in all aspects of life – along with supportive staff, faculty and services that are there for you from the moment you accept your offer to the day you graduate and beyond.
  • ​Work hard in the classroom but take advantage of the learning opportunities that can happen outside it, like co-op, volunteering, employment opportunities and travelling abroad.
  •  Discover the many ways to get involved with the diversified Canadian community. You will grow personally and professionally and make lifelong friends with students from Canada and around the world. 
  • You are not a degree, a number or a piece of paper. We care about developing you academically, professionally and personally. Your years in Canadian education institutions will give you an exceptional transitional experience and prepare you for what is next. 
  • When you choose to study in Canada as an international student, you are making the right choice for the future. After all, learning English with Canadian education institutions is an investment in you or your children. Canada is recognised worldwide for our high academic standards - from elementary to secondary, colleges, universities, language centers and beyond.

    Top 5 steps to study in Canada:

  • Step 1: Find a world-class school or program
  • Step 2: Make budget and find out how to pay for your studies
  • Step 3: Apply to a schoool
  • Step 4: Apply to study in Canada
  • Step 5: Get ready to come to Canada
  • Canada is a land of endless possibilities. Start by doing your research to find the schools or programmes that are the right fit for you. Consider where you would like to live in and around Canada. Across the country, you can choose from small, welcoming rural communities and large vibrant cities. Each state and school in Canada set their own admission requirements. Studying in Canada is an affordable option. School fees for college and university are generally lower than fees in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. You can use our search tool to search and compare tuition and living costs for different college and university programs across Canada. Depending on where you choose to study, your costs will be different.


We are looking forward to welcoming you! Now, prepare for your journey:

  • Arrange your housing and accommodations
  • Find out what kind of travel and health insurance you need
  • Book your flight(s) and find out about baggage limits and customs rules
  • Bring a small amount of Canada or USD cash
  • Download the ArriveCan mobile app and provide mandatory travel information before your flight
  • Make sure you have all documents you need to bring with you, such as:
  1. The letter of acceptance from Canadian education institution
  2. Medical and immunisation records
  3. Other documents as and when required by Canadian education institution


Conditional admission:

If you are in progress of completing the requirements for admission, you can still apply and will be considered for conditional admission if you submit your most recent report card or transcript, as well as an official timetable or class schedule, to show the above requirements will be met.

Arrival services:

  • Provide transportation upon arrival in Canada
  • Basic orientation tour of the Canadian education institution premise and local city
  • Connecting students to community and social groups
  • Activities for International students and visitors

In Canada package:

  • Insurance Coverage (health, personal, car and house)
  • Banking and financial services
  • Guidelines regarding budgeting and expenses
  • Obtaining a SIN Number
  • Taxation in Canada

 Post Graduate Work Permit:

  • Prepare student to smooth transition to get their Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWP)
  • Apply for PGWP



  • Assist students with the preparation of professional curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Guide students to career and job fairs
  • Have close links with employers in your vicinity
  • Provide mentorship, job-coaching and help students with the transition from school to work
  • Connect students and graduates to businesses which have job vacancies and accept internship

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