Tips for Reading in English


1. Read what interests you

To be motivated with reading English, you have to be interested in what you’re reading. If textbook reading passages are making you fall asleep, don’t be afraid to branch out! Look for reading material that’s engaging and compatible with your level of English fluency. Novels with simple language such as “Harry Potter” are a top choice. For something short and sweet, check out comics or even children’s books.

2. Add some variety

The more that you read in English, the better you’ll get at it—and the more choices you’ll have for reading material. As you get better at reading, aim for variety so you’ll get exposed to diverse ways of using the English language. Aside from books, delve into blogs, magazines, and even social media posts by top publications!


3. Pause and study the grammar

One mode of reading is called intensive reading, where you carefully analyze the words and phrases that you encounter. For every sentence that you read, try to understand its structure. What’s the verb tense involved, and why are the words arranged in this way? You might also jot down new words so you can study them later. 


 4. Practice extensive reading

Even thirty minutes of intensive reading needs a lot of focus, so balance it out with extensive reading. This is when you read for fun. Instead of stopping at every sentence, you simply read without pausing while letting the meaning come naturally to you. The most important words will be repeated over and over, so it’s a type of informal drill that conditions your mind to understand English.

5. Take advantage of parallel translation

Here’s a huge advantage of technology: it saves you from having to flip pages repeatedly to check the meaning or translation of a word. Parallel translation apps make reading in English much more effortless. With these apps you can click on any sentence or paragraph in a book and you’ll see a translation right away in your native language. No more page flipping or app switching needed!

6. Read along with an audiobook

One risk when you read in English is that you might be pronouncing the words wrong in your head. You can get around this by using a book together with its partner audiobook. Read a paragraph first from the book on its own, then play back that section in the audiobook.
As you read more and hear the same words repeatedly, you’ll absorb the right way to pronounce them.

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