Tips for Writing in English



1. Receive feedback

Writing might be something that you do alone, but it really helps to receive feedback—especially when you’re learning English. Aside from spotting spelling and grammar mistakes, other people can point out if any of your sentences sound awkward or unnatural. There are apps like GO Correct where you can connect with English teachers. You can also post your writing online and ask English speakers to make comments!

2. Participate in a writing streak

If you’re hoping for an extra push with writing, take on a writing streak. The idea is to write every day so you can maintain your “streak.” Skip a day, and it gets broken. A Reddit forum called r/WriteStreakEN was created exactly for this, with native speakers making corrections on your writing. Impressively, some people have streaks lasting for as long as a year.



3.Check your grammar

When you write anything in English, you can make it more polished by doing a basic grammar check on your own. Go to an online grammar checker like Grammarly or Writer, and paste your writing there.The grammar checker will give you a neat list of potential grammar and spelling errors in your writing. You’ll get suggestions for how to fix them.


4. Send messages in English

If you’re looking for something that’s more interactive, reach out to people online and send them direct messages in English. This can be a one-time thing—you can message people that you admire on social media and strike up a short conversation with them. On the other hand, you might do a more long-lasting Language Skill with a native English speaker (and help them learn your native language too!).

5. Join online English writing courses

What if you’re hoping to improve a specific part of your writing? There are tons of free online courses for all sorts of writing topics, from intermediate grammar points to business writing in English. Coursera and EdX both have hundreds of writing courses taught by top universities. This master list from class central rounds up more English writing courses from all over the internet.

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